Hi, I'm Sanguine You will be seeing a lot of me over the years. I love you this much is my brand and I want you to spread the love all over the world and to your next-door neighbour. Tell everyone that you love them by sending them a gift or a card, I have a full range of greetings card that look fantastic and all ways have me on the back to make sure just how much your friends, mother, brother or lover you love them. This includes dads, sisters, aunties, uncles anyone even your boss.

In fact, I want you to go even further and spread the love to everyone you meet in some way. 

Our world is just full of woe and not enough love and the answer to fixing our world is to remember that we are all human and a part of being human is to love, show compassion and socialise and so on. 

Now it would be cool if you bought everyone you meet a lovely card or gift from my site " whoopee" I’d get rich but it’s not about that, Yes, we need sales to grow the business and so on. What we really need sales for is so we can eventually grow to become a philanthropic organisation that helps people get going in life, maybe after adversity of some kind.

Its early days yet as I have just got started so come on and help me grow the business and get involved with what I believe will become not only a huge brand but an organisation that will change the life’s of people around the world.

If you place an order thank you so much you are marvellous. Please send me a suggestion of ideas of how I can spread the love and how we can help the world come together.





All enquiries please contact me by using the contact page or email me direct at



Let us know what you think of all our images and products. Dont hold back we need to know if you love them or not sanguine@iloveyouthismuch.me

These are just a few examples of my fantastic greetings cards to see all my product just click on the all products button.